Why Buy Premium Domains: When It’s Worth to Buy a Premium Domain

Premium domain names are exactly what they sound like – domains that are more expensive than normal! Read and discover why purchase premium domains and when it’s worth to purchase a premium domain name!

Your domain name defines your brand and your business and represents your products or services. If you choose a wrong domain name, that can lead to huge problems.

Premium domain names are exactly what they sound like – there are domain names that are more expensive than normal and there are a few reasons why a domain name may be considered as premium. Also, it is clear why one domain name is worth more than another domain. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that car.com would be worth more than auto-in2motion123.com.

A premium domain is a domain name that is already owned by a registry or a person. Its cost can be a lot more than a typical domain name – starting from hundreds to a few thousands of dollars.

A domain name becomes premium when someone thinks a specific domain is more valuable than the average domain name. The domain names are considered premium for a few reasons such as brandability, keywords, length, and etc.

In order for a domain name to become premium, the owner will use a service such as Afternic to list the domain and set a price. All interested buyers can go directly to the marketplace to check the available premium domains or check the name when searching for a domain name.

How to know if a domain name is premium?

Well, the first factor will be the price. Domain name pricing can vary based on the domain extension you use, however, it may vary within the $10-$30 range. If you notice that the price is higher, the chances are you are looking at premium domains.

Buying a premium domain name that the owner has listed works just the same as buying a regular domain name. You need to search for a domain, add the domain name to your shopping cart, sign in or create an account, enter the contact information, and check out.

Why buy premium domains?

There are a few reasons why someone may buy premium domains:

  • Get the best domain name possible – If you want to give your website a great, unique, and memorable name you should buy a premium one.
  • Add authenticity – A domain with the best keywords in your business niche can play an important part in establishing your new website as an authority.
  • Get visitors who skip Google – There are so many people out there who bypass search engines and enter domains that they will take them to websites. A premium domain name will make sure that you capture these visitors who otherwise might not be able to found your website.

When it’s worth to buy a premium domain?

Premium domains are expensive, a lot. So, if you are just starting out, you probably won’t want to consider buying a premium domain. Once your business will start to gain some commercial success, you may decide to pay for the perfect domain name.

The domain changes are common. For example, Facebook first started as TheFacebook.com. It definitely helps to have a popular brand that is well-known and recognized across the globe and business growth and success that approve such a change.

Don’t be afraid to start with a domain name that matches your branding. Until you get your business off the ground, there is no need to make major investments in your domain name.

But when you hit it and you hit it big, you need to start looking at the best premium domains that match your business branding.