3 Surefire Way to Secure Your Business from Lousy Web Hosting Providers 

how to transfer domain name to another host

Good hosting is the bread and butter of your online business. When you host your website with a reliable host, you are sure that you will rarely experience downtimes. Also, you are confident of scoring high in the search engine ranks as your site will always be available and loading at high speed. Combining these benefits means more revenue on your business account.

In turn, a lousy webhost can be a source of lamentation. You experience frequent downtime that harms your online trading and reputation. In this essence, taking precautions to protect yourself from lousy hosting providers can save you a great deal. Here are three ways to achieve this:

Use a different domain registrar and a host

Indeed, a good number of people love free things. Getting a free item helps you to save some dollars. Through understanding this aspect, many web hosting companies include free domain registration as part of the hosting package. With this, they attract a fantastic number of customers.

Well, while this option sounds cost efficient, it is a bad idea when the hosting provider is unreliable. Using a different domain registrar other than your hosting provider eases your migration journey. This option allows you to move to a new host within a limited duration and protect you from losing your hard-earned traffic.

Go for hosting providers with a lengthy trial period

A good web hosting provider always gives you a room for trying their services before making your decision. In this essence, they will offer you a more extended trial period to ensure you have enough time to taste their offer. The lengthy trial period is a guarantee that the service you will get is reliable.

Also, this aspect can be an indicator of whether what the provider is promising in the marketing content is what they will deliver. A lousy web host will offer you short trial period to avoid losing the cash they have earned from you. Thus, always consider the trial period before subscribing to a web hosting provider.

Consider the uptime guarantee

Uptime is the pillar of online success. If your site is always down, making sales will remain as a dream. In reality, you will be suffering losses and lose customers. Before committing to a hosting provider, it is essential to give an eye to the uptime guarantee. Also, ensure what they state is what they deliver and not just marketing normality. Otherwise, expect to lose if you do not pay attention to this aspect.

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